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Your one stop shop on how to do JOI.

When I first heard about J.O.I. and discovered what it involved, I was a little reluctant to offer it.

I didn’t think I’d be able to tell a man how to jerk himself off, let alone do it in a sexy or confident way. Because truth be told my inner voice was telling me that even when I pleasured a man and it was good, it was never AS GOOD as him doing it himself, right?

I think a lot of sellers are wary of JOI because they worry about these things. “I don’t know what to say”, “I know how to do it (kind of) but I don’t know how to explain to them to do it”, “What if I tell him to do something and he doesn’t like it?” etc.

Or maybe you’re not used to talking through videos. Maybe up until this point the majority of content you’ve sold on panty selling platforms or Onlyfans has been ‘normal’ sexual content that doesn’t really ask all that much of you?

I get it.

Deciding to move into creating niche/fetish content is when you know you’re levelling up!

When I made the move to providing more fetish videos including Jerk Off Instructions I went from basically saying nothing in a video to talking all the way through. It pushed me through my comfort zone as I figured out not only how to create great content but how to pull it off (pun) in front of the camera!

When you’re feeling the fear about creating content, you can talk yourself out of it or tell yourself you can’t.

Sometimes you just need an Auntie Dalma (that’s me) to walk you through the whole damn thing.


Introducing the Guide To J.O.I – Creating JOI content you and your customer will love!

You know me, I love to break everything down and make it as simple as possible for you to take and run with. Not only that, I also have a ‘unique’ way of understanding content creation and how to amplify the aspects that really help your content to sell.

This guide isn’t just a how-to, it incorporates all the usual topics I like to talk about including sales and systems as well as content ideas.

I like to get into the hearts and minds (and pants – literal, not actual) of my customers and to help you do the same.

That’s why I created the latest mini-guide in my series all about J.O.I.

This 100 page PDF guide with additional audio (transcribed) is designed to take you from JOI novice to pro.

Here’s what’s inside:

What your customers REALLY want when they choose JOI content – and how you can give it to them!

Full breakdown of the types of JOI content you can create include additional Dalma ideas that can help you really stand out

My highly recommended videos you MUST WATCH to get to grips (pun) with the best JOI content on the interwebs

How to take your JOI content to the next level

Techniques you can use to spice up your content so that guys keep coming (pun) back for more!

40 pages of JOI scripts I’ve collated to help you master your own JOI offerings


This is a jam-packed guide that covers information I haven’t seen shared anywhere else in my own JOI research.

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