SW Rolodex Referral Program

Rewarding you for helping the SW Rolodex to reach more people. 

We want to reward you for helping to spread the word about the Rolodex.

We’re offering a referral program where you can earn commission on sales made on the Rolodex. 

Here’s what you can earn:  

$2 per registered user – (registered sellers must pass the vetting process) 

$5 for your referral’s first published job 

5% commission on jobs purchased through your referral link 

5% commission on jobs sold through your referral link  

$5 per ‘featured’ job  

How To Access Your Referral Link: 

You must be a registered buyer or seller (passed the vetting process) on SW Rolodex and you must be logged in to your account to access your referral link.   

Follow Referral URL link at the bottom of this page.   

You’ll be taken to the Referral URL Generator page.   

The image below shows the highlighted link. This full link is your unique referral link. 

This is the link you share with your audience and will create a cookie that counts any registered users (buyers and sellers) as uniquely referred by you.   

You can choose to shorten this link and create a link of your choice at a site like tinyurl.com, which allows you to shorten and customise links.   

You can see how many referrals you have made by visiting https://swrolodex.com/my-account/payments/affiliate   

Commission will be added to your account and paid out on the 1st of the following month.   

As a participant in the referral program you agree to act in good faith and to the benefit of the SW Rolodex community. Any users found to be abusing the referral program will be removed from the SW Rolodex and may forfeit earnings made from the referral program. This includes spamming, any fraudulent activity and not taking into account the needs, interests, safety and security of the users of the SW Rolodex. You also agree to abide by the community guidelines and terms of service of the site. SW Rolodex reserves the right to withdraw the referral program or alter the commission rates on offer at any time. Members will be duly notified of any changes to the terms of the referral program. 

If you are in agreement with the above, click the link below to access your link.

Thank you for your support.