Greetings, Theybies and Gentlethems.
I'm Andi (she/her) your friendly, neighborhood Pansexual Astro-Nerd and "Holistic Wellness Support Witch" (say that five times fast!) 
I'm here to offer whole-body support for any and all bodies with a bag of mixed tricks including herbal therapeutics, astrological consultations, lifestyle and mindfulness practices and Flower Essences.
We are more than a scraped knee, UTI or anxiety disorder. Each of us is a materialized echo of the Universe’s longing; intricate, unique and very much desired by life. We need all the Light we can get in this world and tending our inner flame requires us to look deeper than symptoms and upsets to the very Core of our Vital Being.
A truly holistic practice, in my mind, means offering complimentary support in harmony with each person’s native constitution while nurturing their Highest Self in the process. We are not just soothing heartburn, we are accepting and assimilating the process of Healing in a way that will mature and refine us. This isn’t “one size fits all” - this is a highly individualized journey that I would be delighted to join you in for a time.



Herbal Medicine 0 Flower Essence Therapy 0 Mindfulness Practices 0 Holistic Wellness 0 Acute and First Aid Homeopathy 0 Birth Chart Reading 0 Astrological Transit Consultation 0


Herbal Academy of New England
Clinical Herbalism
Advanced Herbal Course in the study of global herbal traditions, botany, phytochemistry, supporting general wellness, anatomy, physiology, imbalance, herbal therapeutics for body systems, nature of healing, assessments, making herbal preparations, creating and supporting an herbal practice.
Baylight Center for Homeopathy
Homeopathic Acute Care and First Aid
Homeopathic acute care (colds, flu, common illness and complaints) and first aid (bumps, bruises and other minor injuries/occurrences), the history of homeopathic practice, and the theories of homeopathy
The School of Evolutionary Herbalism
Advanced Clinical Herbalism
A Vitalist perspective on anatomy, physiology, pathology and tissue state energetics, advanced herbal actions, materia medica, vitalist therapeutics, holistic evaluation skills, strategic formulation principles, administration and dosing practices

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3258Holistic Wellness Counsel 3258Holistic Wellness Counsel
Holistic Wellness Counsel
fixed Rate 50.00 USD
3265Astrological Consultation 3265Astrological Consultation
Astrological Consultation
fixed Rate 50.00 USD
3269Flower Essence Therapy 3269Flower Essence Therapy
Flower Essence Therapy
fixed Rate 50.00 USD