Post your offers and start earning

Signing up to SW Rolodex is free as is posting your job offers to the sworker community.

We do vet our freelancers to ensure the safety and integrity of the SW Rolodex community. Don’t worry, you won’t be asked to submit your DNA! Usually this involves you sending your social media handle so that we can check you are who you claim to be. We do wish to maintain a level of quality work so you must have previous experience in whatever work you are offering.

When you post a job, it gets checked by our team before going live on the site. Please fill in as much information about your job as you can.

There are four levels of seller on SW Rolodex. Level 0, 1, 2 and 3. Levels go up in relation to your income and reviews. After $50 income and 90% positive reviews you move to Level 1. After $200 income and 90% positive reviews Level 2.

Sworkers purchase your service and the money is held by SW Rolodex until delivery of the work. SW Rolodex takes 15% commission, lowering to 12% for Level 2 freelancers and just 10% for Level 3. If you solicit or arrange payments off site, you’ll contravene our terms of service which may lead to deletion of your account.

Payouts are 14 days after completion of the work, falling to just 7 days for Level 3 sellers. You manually request withdrawal when you wish to receive your payment. The Rolodex will then forward you your payment using an agreed payment method.

Please refer to the Knowledge Base for information relating to how to receive your payment.

As well as posting your own offers, you may respond to sworker requests and provide your own custom offers to those requests.

You can create your own coupon codes to grow your customers.

Thank you for choosing the SW Rolodex. We look forward to seeing your job offers on site.