Freelancers – How it works

Getting started

We personally vet each freelancer before your job goes live, to ensure the safety and integrity of the our user community. This usually involves reviewing your social media or website so that we can confirm that you are who you claim to be. Of course, we do wish to maintain a level of quality work so you should have previous training or experience in whatever work you are offering.

Post your job and start earning

When you post a job, it gets checked by our team before going live on the site. Our job creation system is fairly intuitive, and you’ll be guided through each section with helpful tooltips along the way. Please fill in as much information about your work as you can! It’s best if you limit each job to a specific service, and create multiple job listings for each service you can perform. Once you submit your job, it is held for review by the site to ensure quality, and we may contact you if any adjustments are needed.

As well as posting your own offers, you can browse user-submitted work requests and provide your own custom offers to those requests. You can also create and customize coupon codes to grow your customer base.

Stay up-to-date on what’s happening

Once someone orders a job from you, you have 24 hours to confirm the order and get started!

Our site provides you with everything you need to keep in touch with your customers and get the job done. Use our secure transaction messaging system to send updates on the work, ask questions, and transfer assets back and forth. The entire work process is viewable as a single page, and you can view everything that’s going on from your user dashboard.

We recognize that sometimes external services are simply part of your work flow, such as Google Forms or Skype sessions. We won’t fault you for arranging communications via such services and apps, but request that you keep the bulk of communications to the SWRolodex website for the safety of our all users. We have thorough security measures in place to ensure that all chats and transaction messages remain between you and your customer; we cannot be held liable for any communications that occur off-site which means that if something goes wrong during the job, our ability to help you is limited.

User Levels and House Fees

There are four user levels on SWRolodex. All users start at Level 0 and levels go up in relation to your income and reviews: after $50 income or 90% positive reviews you move to Level 1, and after $200 income or continued 90% positive reviews you move to Level 2. Level 3 can only be awarded by site admin. Higher levels also enjoy extended job options and transaction limits: unlock the ability to offer more extras at higher rates, faster delivery time, and offer more expensive jobs and services.

While posting your job offers to the sworker community is free, we do take a small percentage of the final transaction based on your user level. Level 1 is charged 15% of the final transaction fee, Level 2 is charged 12%, and Level 3 10%. The more successful your work is here on the Rolodex, the more your fees go down!

Freelancer accounts are reassessed every month and are automatically upgraded to the next level based on the above criteria. Level 3 can only be awarded by site admin. VIP baby! You are not automatically downgraded because hey, lulls happen, but we may bump you down if you fail to respond to new work orders.

Receiving and Withdrawing Funds

Sworkers (and other freelancers!) pay for your job up front and the money is held by the site until delivery of the work is confirmed by both parties. If you solicit or arrange payments off-site, you’ll contravene our site policy which may lead to the deletion of your account. Plus it’s rude.

Payouts are issued as account credit 10-14 days after completion of the work, falling to just 7 days for Level 3 sellers. This credit can be used internally for purchasing work within the Rolodex system, and does not expire. For now, you must manually request a withdrawal when you wish to receive your funds. The Rolodex will then forward your funds using an agreed payment method. The best way to request a payout is to email us