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Custom emotes/emojis for livestreams
Most streaming platforms these days offer custom emotes/emojis. So whether you're on Twitch or Chaturbate, I'm here to create the perfect one(s) to animate your chat. Cute characters, memes,...
custom Rate
Photo Editing - Photoshop
Retired model, I've become a one woman team with my self timer shoots! Which means I've been doing my own editing for a while now and I'm here to lend my acquired skills to you 😉 Simple colour...
fixed Rate
Digital Artwork/ Graphics Design
**Priced as $100.00 PER DESIGN (includes: three initial design concepts, three rounds of revision, and one final design concept as a digital file, formatted for your requested intention)** Graphics...
fixed Rate
Graphic Design - Of all kinds!
Here to create the perfect designs for your needs. Anything from social media content, banners, photo collages for previews, reusable templates for lists and menus,... name it! Let's create a...
custom Rate
Photograph Editing
(I use Affinity Designer, not Adobe Photoshop, but its got the same capability) Basic Edits can include things like: White balance Contrast Exposure Color adjustments Resizing and cropping *Priced...
fixed Rate
Photo Editing (Basic)
Have some great pics but need a few retouches? Blemish you didn't catch, a VPL you didn't want, general brightening/color fixing? No problem! I can help.
custom Rate
Photo Editing (detailed)
Oh, so you want MORE added to your pics? Full background changes, text, sparkles, graphics, shadows, you name it! Creativity is the name of the game, so step yours up with eye-catching pics!
custom Rate
Admin Test Job
This is a test, thank you for ignoring it. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean dapibus est vel cursus vulputate. Maecenas pretium mauris at felis laoreet blandit. Nunc...
fixed Rate
Menu Creation and Maintenance
Make you a custom menu for your services. You want to make more income and look professional yet sexy when doing it. Let me make you bring in that cash with little effort!
fixed Rate
Photo Editing
$3.00 per photo, discounts for large orders. Quick turnaround most within 24 hrs or less!
fixed Rate
Menu creation
Want to create a catchy price list or menu which shows your personality? Then let me help you! Just send me the pics you'd like me to use along with your pricelist and let's have a chat so I can...
fixed Rate
Chaturbate bio
I will create a custom bio for your Chaturbate profile Nice looking bios make you look more professional and will bring more viewers to your page I can make any sections that you would like included...
fixed Rate
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