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I'll edit your photos
Hello! My name is Mariam and I've been a photographer and filmmaker for 9 years. I have a Master's degree on Fashion Photography so my editing skills are quite a handful. Even with the most...
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Meet 'n Greet Biz Consult
Hi! I'm a trauma-informed business coach. I believe that SWORK is REAL work. I believe it can feel financially, emotionally, and physically, replenishing, fulfilling, and energizing. I'm a trauma...
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Resume Revision
In college, I helped so many people polish their resumes and even write them from scratch. Versions of my own resume have scored me numerous interviews; it's the first rung on the hiring ladder, so...
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Business Akashic Records Reading
Do you value spiritual grounding while reaching your entrepreneurial dreams? The Akashic Records contain all the information of an entity's soul, be it a person, animal, or in this case, your...
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