What is the SW Rolodex?

Founded in January 2021, the Rolodex is a job site that connects sworkers with swork-friendly, hand-vetted freelancers and professional resources. Services offered range from virtual admin assistance and platform account management to photo and video editing, financial consulting, scriptwriting, web and graphic design, training guides, and so so much more! Don’t see what you need? It’s easy to make a request and let freelancers know what kind of work you need to be done. And with a real person (someone who is also a sworker/freelancer) behind the virtual scenes making sure that each freelancer is who they say they are, you can rest assured that the work will be carried out in a safe, secure manner.

How does this all work?

Freelancers make job listings based on their skills and experience, setting a price and estimated time to completion, and providing examples of their work. Sworkers can browse what type of jobs are available, see reviews, and chat with potential freelancers before purchasing a job. Usually the job is paid for upfront (the money is paid to/held by the website) and once everyone’s happy with the finished work, the job is marked complete and the freelancer receives account funds for a job well done. All work is done remotely and assets are transferred via private message within the site, only accessible by the two users participating in the transaction.

Can I sell digital content on the site?

If you are a freelancer who has downloadable materials (such as an ebook PDF file about how to get started in live camming, for example), then yes you can definitely set up jobs offering digital media downloads! However, the Rolodex is not a selling outlet for sworkers to sell their own digital “content”… but you CAN find a consultant to help you choose the best platforms for you, or an assistant to help you manage your accounts on dedicated selling platforms!

What do I need to be a freelancer?

Skills, baby! There’s no specific requirements to start selling your freelance services on the Rolodex. Is there something your friends always come to you for help with? Do you look around and think gee, I sure wish I could help this person with ______? Do you see people complaining about the type of mundane tasks you love to do? The SW Rolodex flourishes thanks to the variety of skills our freelancers have to offer; it truly takes all types. If you’re not sure how to get started just reach out using the content form at the bottom of the page and we can help you craft the perfect job listing based on your experience.

How much does it cost?

Membership on SWRolodex.com is free. It is our goal to always remain a free resource for sworkers! Much like the SW Survival Guide, we believe it is important for sworkers to have access to quality professional resources without the gatekeeping of a cost to entry. Currently, freelancers can post their jobs for free, and incur a small percentage fee based on the final paid cost of the job; this money is used to maintain the site. The cost of each job is up to the freelancer, and many offer discounts or custom rates. Similarly, sworkers can tip extra upon job completion if they feel compelled to!

How secure/private is the website?

Security is VERY important here, and we want to make sure our users feel safe working through the site. We employ a variety of security measures to make sure that the work that happens on the Rolodex stays on the Rolodex. This starts with reviewing each new user to make sure they’re not using fake credentials, and hand-vetting each new freelancer before their job goes live; we also have a very thorough firewall system that monitors for bots and brute force attacks, and the site is hosted on a secure VPN server. If any of our users ever have concerns about the person they’re working with, admin is ready to step in and review the situation.

We also recognize that anonymity and personal privacy is a huge part of swork. There’s no need to use your legal name or any identifying contact info* when signing up with SWRolodex.com. This is also why we strongly enforce that all work commissioned through the site is discussed and transferred through our secure system. (*Some methods of payment may request identifying info, but we also try to offer alternatives.)

That all sounds good, but I need more info before I sign up...

Of course! It’s good to be thorough, especially when you’re working within an industry facing a lot of (unjust) regulations and ever-changing Terms of Service. There’s a contact form below that you can use to reach out to Merrick for further questions or advice on getting started here on SWRolodex.com.