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Instead of trying to make it all happen by yourself, access people with the expertise and skills you need and outsource the aspects of your business you can’t or don’t want to do! It’s the difference between “who can help me with this?” and “how am I ever going to do ALL of this?!” Working with people who have the time and skills you need is one of the best ways to help build your business and get results.

How does it work?

Freelancers make job listings based on their skills and experience, setting a price and estimated time to completion, and providing examples of their work. You can browse categories of available work, see service and freelancer reviews, and chat with people before you order with them. All work is done remotely, and assets are transferred via our secure messaging system and are only accessible by the two users participating in the transaction.

How much does it cost?

Membership on is free. It is our goal to always remain a free resource for sworkers! We believe it is important for sworkers to have access to quality professional resources without the gatekeeping of a cost to entry.

The cost of each individual job is up to the freelancer, and many offer discounts or custom rates. Similarly, sworkers can tip extra upon job completion if they feel compelled to! You worked hard for your money, now let your money work for you.

How safe is your site?

We employ a variety of security measures to make sure that the work that happens on the Rolodex stays on the Rolodex. For example, we personally verify each new freelancer before their job goes live. We also have a very thorough firewall system that monitors for bots and brute force attacks, and the site is hosted on a secure VPN server.

We also recognize that anonymity and personal privacy is a huge part of swork. There’s no need to use your legal name or any identifying contact info* when signing up with

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Post your job

We personally verify every user before your job goes live, for the safety of our user base. We also review ALL new jobs that get posted to ensure the integrity of our site. Create a job description, upload examples of your work, and add in extras like a faster delivery time or multiple revisions. You can also create coupon codes, offer custom rates, and respond to user requests for specific gigs.


More work =
make more

There are four user levels, and as a freelancer your level goes up in relation to your income and reviews. After $50 income or 90% positive reviews you move to Level 1. After $200 income or continued 90% positive reviews, Level 2. Each level unlocks expanded earnings potential, more customization of your jobs, and lowers your site fees (ranging from 15% for Tier 1 to just 10% of the final transaction for Tier 3).


Get paid

Sworkers purchase your service by paying upfront, and the money is held by the site until confirmed delivery of the work. Funds will be added to your account 10-14 days after the job is delivered, and you can use that as purchasing credit within the Rolodex or make a withdrawal.

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We’re so excited to launch the brand new, never been seen before, SW Rolodex for sworkers to find sw-friendly freelancers to help support them in their business. Whether you’re looking for a designer, a video editor, a website builder or anything…
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