The Rolodex Had a Total Glowup!

We’ve had a little work done, thanks for noticing!

The Rolodex website got a new look and some new features,
but we still have the same goal: to connect sworkers with freelancers.

This past weekend saw the first BIG change to SWRolodex website: we have a brand new site design with extended features and functionality! Uh, hopefully you like the color pink? (Barbiecore is having a moment.)

If you’re a frequent user of SWRolodex, you’ll continue to see small changes over the coming weeks. There are a ton of little things that need to be refined or added to improve your experience and make your time working on the site easier! Below are some highlights of the more notable changes that have already been made. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or comments on the new look, and keep an eye on our socials for ongoing updates that may affect (or improve!) your experience.

So what’s changed?

The website is running faster and smoother than ever with this new design! You will have the best experience using the site on a desktop or laptop computer, but the site is still mobile compatible (just a little slower). Once we are done making updates to the full version of the site we will work to improve things for our mobile users. If you’re anything like me, the more work I can get done on my phone, the better… the best if I can do it poolside.

Requests for specific tasks/work are one of the coolest features of the Rolodex, but so underutilized! They were also hard to find? So we’ve added some much-needed visibility to Requests by adding a link in the main navigation menu, a quick link to Your Requests at the top next to your profile pic, plus a link in the left navigation menu when viewing your dashboard. Requests! The perfect option for when you have something specific in mind but aren’t having any luck finding a freelancer in the marketplace.

Speaking of profile pics… would you like to add a profile pic?

User profiles have been expanded and offer so many features now! You can also look at the profiles of other users to check when they were last active on the site, easily read reviews from people they’ve worked with, and see average message response time. Add a user pic and cover photo to your profile, create a portfolio of your work, and even add your social media links*! Have fun setting up your profile, and remember to keep it clean… no nudes/nips on any public-facing portions of the site because it will make our payment processors real grumpy!

* Please note that we’ve added social links in good faith that you will not abuse this feature to take your work, communications, or payments off-site, which would degrade the integrity of the Rolodex and could put you and your information at risk. The small amount of fees we do collect from transactions go towards administrative costs to keep the site running! If we suspect you of seeking or encouraging work off-site, it could result in the suspension of your account. Plus, it’s rude.

Other Notes

  • Choose between using the site in either United States Dollars (USD) or Euros (EUR). Find the small green money icon in the upper right corner of the site to change your default currency. Displayed costs will be automatically converted based on current rates.
  • Add a Job Preview to your job, that can be downloaded for free by all users. This is a great way to give potential buyers a sample of what they’ll be getting with their order.
  • If a job is priced at $0.00, it will now appear as “FREE” in the marketplace.
  • Send–and receive–Tips! Because you’re worth it. Find the Tip button on the Transaction Page; tips must be added before a transaction/order is closed.
  • Gendered pronouns have been replaced with gender-neutral pronouns in all automated email notifications triggered by site events.
  • You may be prompted to create a new password if yours has been reported as appearing in a security breach elsewhere. It’s probably a good idea to reset your password anyway! Check out
    this guide on strong passwords
  • An image uploading issue that created a 404 error has been fixed. This fix also corrected an issue with receiving live notifications while on the site. Ping!
  • There are a scattering of small cosmetic issues that have yet to be tracked down in the code; stuff like that should not affect site functionality.

Questions? Comments?

Never hesitate to reach out to our Administratrix of SWRolodex, a.k.a. Merrick! Despite my proclivity for using terms like “we” and “our” when discussing the site… it’s actually just me back here. (“We” as in The Royal We; “ours” as in yours and mine?) I am always just an email or DM away, and try to respond to people within 24 hours (usually much sooner). Here’s some ways you can contact me:

  • Send a chat message to the Administratrix profile on using our secure messaging system, just find the SWR logo in the sidebar chat.
  • Send a DM via Twitter or Instagram to @swrolodex
  • Email—best method!

If you’re experiencing a bug/technical issue with the site, please shoot me an email ! It’ll be really helpful to explain what you were doing that led to that problem and, if possible, send a screenshot.

Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter so updates like the above come straight to your inbox! We aim to send out around one email a month and keep things focused on the Rolodex and other industry-relevant things… maybe a meme or two…

If it’s been a while since you last joined us here, it’s a great time to see what’s changed! After you log in you’ll immediately be shown the latest jobs and can get to work. Or go straight to your account dashboard to review and edit your active jobs and requests, orders, sales, and account settings! Plus, potential customers love to see that a freelancer has been recently active, so log in today and check out the new look!

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