Proud to sponsor SWSG Summit 2022! is pleased to have been one of the many great sponsors for the SW Survival Guide Career Summit 2022!

The SW Survival Guide is a nonprofit organization run by the sex work community and its allies, providing free access to fundamental and integral information for the sex work community. The SW Survival Guide is committed to the belief that life-saving information shouldn’t be gatekept and survival shouldn’t be a luxury.

Hopefully, you had a chance to chat with the site’s admin, Merrick, during this year’s Career Summit event (more than likely, that’s what brought you here!).

Thank you so much for joining SWRolodex and Merrick Monroe at the SWSG Career Summit this year! It was great having an opportunity to reach out and have conversations with so many folks from the community. We look forward to having you as part of our growing community of sworkers and freelancers, and we’re so excited to help you implement and profit from everything you learned during the event! And, hopefully, we will see you again at the next SWSG Summit!! Make sure to also follow them on Twitter and Instagram to get updates about future events!

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