Charting Our Course: Navigating Change and Growth for SWRolodex

From challenges to triumphs, let’s shape the future of swork together.

Dear SWRolodex Community,

It’s been a quiet year on our social media and email channels! Since the SWRolodex website was founded in 2021, the digital spaces where sworkers thrive have seen significant change and upheaval, mirroring some shifts in my personal life. This one-two punch prompted me to step back from promotion for a while, which also allowed me some time to reevaluate what SWRolodex stands for and how we can best serve the swork community.

I’ve gained insights into what makes the Rolodex great, and you, our users, are a crucial part of that equation! I also acknowledge some areas that could be improved (mea culpa). At its core, SWRolodex is a community-driven space. I see you, and I stand with you. After all, SWR was founded by sworkers, for sworkers. It’s incredibly rewarding for me personally to be part of such a hard-working, supportive, and nuanced community, and I’m grateful that the Rolodex has played a role in many of your swork businesses.

Now, I’m reaching out to you for community support and guidance. Whether you’re an active user or have yet to explore SWRolodex, I want you to be part of our journey forward. I’m not just talking about what’s next for, but what’s next for us—the people, the entrepreneurs, and the creatives who utilize the site.

In the coming months, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on potential evolutions and keeping you updated on our progress. However, nobody understands your swork business needs better than you do. So, I invite you to share your thoughts, insights, and experiences. Reach out via email at or DM any of the official @swrolodex social media accounts.

Undoubtedly, many of you have navigated your own significant shifts since the Rolodex launched in 2021. How have you tackled those challenges? How can we support you where you are? What are the biggest obstacles you’ve encountered?

SWRolodex is still buzzing with activity: we boast over 1,000 registered users and more than 200 jobs posted by freelancers who understand swork-based businesses. Our Requests section is bustling with opportunities to find the perfect fit. But I believe we can be so much more, and that journey will take time. I’m confident we’ll get there, and I can’t wait to connect with you along the way.

With hope and excitement,

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