SWR on the Stripped by SIA Podcast!!

I had the opportunity to join the amazing Stripped by SIA podcast and talk with host Steph about the SWRolodex marketplace! I was so excited to appear on her show and I get a bit rambly at times but Steph kept me on track! She has curated an incredibly diverse and relevant variety of guests, so the episodes are always engaging and chock full of insight! Thanks again StrippedbySIA for having me as a guest on the podcast! Make sure to subscribe to her show and leave a review once you check it out, I guarantee you’ll find an episode or five that’s relevant to your work in this industry.

Listen to the episode now on the Stripped by SIA website, or find it on your fave podcast streaming service!

SWRolodex: The Freelancer Marketplace for Sex Workers with Merrick Monroe – Stripped by SIA

The Rolodex first made an appearance on Stripped by SIA when our founder Dalma Rosa was a guest in 2021; she talked about her journey in swork and specifically her panty-selling work and educational resources! If you listen to my episode above, it’s hard to miss me gushing about how cool Dalma is and how much I appreciate her. Check out her interview below:

The Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Used Panties with Dalma Rosa of the Panty Selling Podcast – Stripped by SIA

Make sure to support Steph and the Stripped by SIA podcast by following her on Instagram and Twitter, and check out her Patreon too for bonus supporter content! And don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!

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